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Founder and Creative Director

Olawale Oladunni has over 13 years of experience in the engineering, design, sales and marketing fields. He founded Doubleola design to provide holistic solutions to meet the needs of his clients who call upon him as a source of artistic ingenuity, with the skills to develop and implement great ideas. His clients call him the ultimate left brain/right brain individual.

Olawale is involved in all aspects of his projects, personally analyzing his clients’ problems and responding with the most effective, well-engineered solution.

Olawale holds a Bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University and a Master of science degree in interior design from Pratt Institute. As a student, he was board member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). He has various design workshops to his credit including the renowned Domaine de Boisbuchet organized by the Vitra Design Museum and the Centre Pompidou in France.

Prior to founding Doubleola design, he held various engineering, sales and marketing position within companies such as IBM, BP America, Rockwell Automation and Colfax Corporation. As a designer he held various positions within companies such as Ligne Roset, The Apartment and Zero US in New York City.